vrijdag, januari 11, 2013

Sunday Kids - The Hooch & Poezie

Vanavond in het Patronaat, The Irrational Library! Met o.a.

Sunday Kids- riding high off the release of their new Lp "Twang Wolf Sessions", this is the sounds of Howlin Wolf meets the Velvet Underground and blended up with a healthy dose of the Stooges.

The Giant Tiger Hooch- the band you want to hear playing in the back of some dingy smoke filled backroom of some dive bar in a town that is engulfed in flames. Rock n roll rhythm and blues boogie stomp.

Lucas Hirsch- Haarlemtowns real poet of the city and the soul. Check out his new collection of poems "Dolhuis".

and then...

the super sonic sounds of one of Amsterdams best unknown bands...

The City Hollers Hard hitting organ driven blues that will make your blue jeans quake and shiver.