zondag, april 01, 2012

Pittsburgh promo voor US tour

City of Asylum Pittsburgh: A Reading with Six Dutch Poets and The Living Room Chamber Music Project

Op de website Sampsonia Way staat een hele spannende en uitnodigende aankondigen over het optreden dat de dichters in Pittsburgh gaan doen als onderdeel van The New York to Pittsburgh and Back Dutch Poetry Tour die donderdag 12 april 2012 van start gaat. De datum komt met rasse schreden aan denderen en de kriebels beginnen zich goed in mijn lijf te roeren....

In collaboration with the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust’s “Distinctively Dutch” festival, the Consulate General of the Netherlands, the Dutch Foundation for Literature, Kleine Revolutie Producties, and Lira City of Asylum/Pittsburgh (COAP), will present an “unusual evening of poetry and music.”

Six Dutch poets are slated to read in five different homes in the Mexican War Streets and the Northside branch of the Carnegie Library.

Attendees will be randomly assigned to a location where there will be a “chamber reading” featuring a poet and a musician from the Living Room Chamber Music Project working in collaboration. According to COAP, each of these experiences will be completely unique, and feature either pianos, violin, oboe, or vocal performance.

After the chamber readings, all groups will walk to the Allegheny Unitarian Universalist Church where the poets will each read one poem and the musicians will play ensemble, allowing all in attendance a chance to hear the artists.