zondag, maart 06, 2011


Copper Nickel is a literary journal published by the students and faculty at the University of Colorado Denver.

Unlike traditional campus literary journals, Copper Nickel publishes work by student authors and by professional authors. Selection is competitive, and more like a national literary journal's editorial process than a traditional campus literary magazine's. The idea is that the best student work is worthy of publication in the best journals, so we created one of those "best" journals so our students could have the best showing possible. Copper Nickel is recognized as a national literary journal, but unlike other national journals our staff is 96% undergraduate students.

Juist! En dit fijne Amerikaanse literaire tijdschrift heeft zojuist een interview met mij geplaatst (alhier te lezen) dat door vriend Stephen een aantal jaren terug is afgenomen. En oh ja er staat ook een gedicht in. Hup!